Speaking, Keynotes, Workshops

Nancy has worked with hundreds of public and private schools, early childhood programs and municipalities to create natural play and learning spaces. She brings real-life, in-the-field experience of creating space and connecting kids to nature. She has taught and inspired thousands of parents and professionals.

Nancy can speak to your organization at a meeting, gathering, event, or conference for designers, educators, caregivers, parks professionals, planners, and especially parents.


Nancy’s talks are passionate, informative, and packed with inspiring visuals from around the world. Empower your audience to go out and change the world for children.

  • “Creating Outdoor Spaces that Connect Children to the Natural World”
  • “Connecting Children and Nature: Why it Matters and What it Looks Like”
  • “School Gardens: Preschool to High School from a Designer’s Perspective”
  • “Nature Play in the Neighborhood: Creating Natural Play and Learning Spaces”
  • “Connecting Our Youngest Children to Nature: Outdoor Spaces that Nurture”

Book Talks and Signings

Nature Play at Home: Creating Outdoor Spaces that Connect Children to the Natural World. Available April 2019. Schedule your talk now!

Professional Development

Nancy offers training that inspires.

Participants see sustainable, engaging spaces that bring nature to the places where children are, learn about research on children and nature, and have the opportunity to explore ways to design and create nature play spaces.

Some Recent Titles:

Nature Play and Learning in the Schoolyard: Connecting Children to the Natural World:

  • The Nature of Winter
  • The Nature of Spring
  • The Nature of Summer
  • The Nature of Autumn
  • Creating Outdoor Magic: Designing Natural Play and Learning Spaces
  • Earth-friendly, Child-friendly Landscaping for Homes

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