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The National COVID-19 Outdoor Learning Initiative

Will Outdoors become the New Classroom of the COVID Era? 
Read this compelling description of the initiative including an interview with Nancy by Carl Smith  in GOVERNING on August 28, 2020. 

Why Can’t We Just Have Class Outside? It Just Might Be the Answer to America’s School Reopening Problem 
Olga Khazan takes a close look at the deep inequity of online education and the potential of outdoor learning to address that and other challenges of returning to school in The Atlantic on July 23, 2020 (including a quote from Nancy)

Inside the Quest to Reopen Schools – by Moving Classes Outside 
Nate Berg reached out to Nancy, Sharon Danks of Green Schoolyards America, and other leaders of the national initiative for this early look at the potential of outdoor learning during COVID. In Fast Company on July 25, 2020. 

The Play Friendly Playground

Jay is considered one of the fathers of modern playground design.  He’s been designing playgrounds, designing manufactured play equipment and writing about play since 1970.  He   is now working hard to bring more imagination, beneficial risk,  and diverse play to commercial playgrounds.  He says “One of the best examples of this type of space comes from the work of Nancy Striniste.  I like her projects not only because of the high quality of the designs and spaces, but also because of how she works in such close partnership with her clients.” The Play Friendly Playground, by Jay Beckwith.  (June 24, 2013, Play and Playground News)

Planting Day at the Wetlands Learning Lab

After two years of planning, permitting and fundraising, construction happened in August and September.  The last step, planting over 500 plants by more than 100 volunteers happens on October 13.  (October 13, 2012, Washington Times)

Green Roof Movement Goes Domestic

We won!  First prize in the Green Gardeners Make a Difference Contest, sponsored by Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments.  Pretty cool huh?! Read about what Nancy has to say about green roofs in the Washington Times. (August 16, 2012, Washington Times)

Bureaucracy Postpones Campbell’s Wetlands Plans

Campbell Elementary School’s big plan for creating a Wetland Learning Lab on their swampy play fields was delayed. Nancy and others worked to design and implement the project for Campbell but even after making many adjustments the county still needed time. Read about Nancy’s part in the project as the landscape designer and what others did to help Campbell Elementary dreams of having a wonderful Wetland Learning Lab come true. (April 26, 2012, Arlington Mercury)

What’s in a Playground

A distressed local mom worries that her son will not have a natural outdoor play space when he transfers schools. She is soon put at ease when she witnesses Nancy’s work at her son’s new school. Read about how impressed and inspired this local mom was with Nancy and all of her work for not only Campbell but as an entrepreneur. (December 6, 2011, The DC Moms)

Schools Go Green in Northern Virginia

Northern Virginia has recently put much emphasis on going Green. Arlington’s Advisory Committee has been pushing to be more environmentally friendly and it’s exciting! Read about Nancy and others in your community who have come forward to help with this green initiative. (January 18, 2012, The DC Moms)

Montessori School Unveils New Playground

Montessori School in Northern Virginia gets a new playground. Thanks to the Designs of Nancy Montessori gets a new sustainable place to plan and learn! Read more about Nancy’s work on the project and the incredible features she was able to incorporate in the playground. (October 19, 2011, Falls Church News-Press)

Striniste/Chung House Featured on GreenRoofs.com

Nancy and her husband decide to go green for their new renovation. Read about what Nancy was able to do to make her new porch roof have aesthetic plant diversity but also better for stormwater management. (2005, The GreenRoof Projects Database)

A Roof that will Grow on You

Nancy walks you through the many phases and milestones she encountered when trying   to build a green roof. Read about her quest for a more sustainable and efficient option when she was renovating her home. (November 19, 2006, The Washington Post)

EarlySpace in Action

Over the time I worked with Nancy, she was always accessible and easy to talk to. It felt like a partnership as we tweaked and revised and came up with great results. I can’t say enough good things about Nancy. I look forward to her continuing to ‘review and renew’ my property periodically in the years ahead.

Ann Kurzius, Homeowner

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