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Create Outdoor Magic!

I am delighted to welcome you as a member of this exciting new online program.


Together, we will be improving backyards, neighborhoods, schoolyards and playgrounds, supporting outdoor play and learning and connecting children to nature. That is important work!

You will learn from the content of the workshops, from the assignments, from the coaching calls and from this incredible group.

We have a powerful cohort of participants and I am eager for us to learn from each other as you plan and build your natural play and learning spaces side by side.

Below this welcome letter you will find:

  • 10 Reasons Why Creating A Natural Play and Learning Space is a Great Idea (INFO FOR YOU TO SHARE WITH YOUR COMMUNITY)
  • A program syllabus (FOR YOUR REFERENCE) 
  • Assignment 1: Creating Your Own Outdoor Magic: Assessing What You Have (DO THIS ASSIGNMENT BEFORE PROCEEDING TO MODULE ONE)

Please begin by  filling out this questionnaire to help you to gather your thoughts and to let me get to know your program, your site and your goals. 

In order to join our private Facebook forum you will need to like EARLYSPACE, LLC on Facebook and then request to join the group CREATE OUTDOOR MAGIC.  Once your request is accepted, you can post your thoughts and questions, share and get ideas, and keep everyone up to date on your progress.

Please go onto the group and introduce yourself and your program. You may want to start by posting your before pictures for others to see. Have fun!

Finally, there will be group coaching calls available on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of every month, from 3:30-4:30.  Please add the dates to your calendar so you don’t forget to call in.  You need to email Nancy IN ADVANCE to reserve your space on the call.  These calls are your opportunity to learn from each other and to ask me any questions you have about your project.  Call-in information is in the syllabus below. 

You now have access (in the green menu bar above) to all three modules.  Go at your own pace, work with your team, and keep in touch!

Yours in play~ Nancy

2019 Course Syllabus

Assignment 1:
Assessing What You Have: A 15-Point Checklist

Ten Reasons Why Creating a Natural Play and Learning Space is a Great Idea