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Earlyspace worked with teachers and administrators, engineers, and local officials to create a whimsical natural playspace design that met the regulatory requirements for this environmentally sensitive space, while offering a range of opportunities to move, explore, play and learn.

Our authorized contractor and crew worked to transform the 1/3 acre outdoor space of this newly renovated building, and by the first day of school, the space was ready for children with two natural sand play areas, slides built into fragrant herb-planted hills and a sparkling 50’ mosaic stream with a kid powered pump. In the shady woods children can build with planks and stumps, climb fallen trees and follow meandering woodland paths.

Over 300 mostly native plants provide four seasons of interest, along with raised beds outside the classroom windows for children’s gardening, benches and swings for resting and observing and open lawns for games, running and cloud watching.

Nancy listened to everything we envisioned in our new playspace and worked tirelessly with us to create an exceptional design that fit our needs. I like to call her the plant artist! She carefully arranged plants throughout the playspace to create a canvas of color, sound, smell, touch, and taste. We got more than a play area, it’s an extension of the classroom, a place where children continue to learn. It’s incredibly beautiful and picturesque, and best of all the children adore it.

Nichole Moody,
Montessori School of Northern Virginia

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