Backyard Nature Play

Do you dream of a playful landscape that will delight you every time you glance out the window or step out the door?

We listen to your vision, get to know your site, and create an earth-friendly, child-friendly outdoor space that will make the whole family happier, healthier and proud that you’re helping to take care of the planet. Every project is informed by a deep understanding of child development and our commitment to the environment.

Here’s how it works…

  1. Begin with a free get-acquainted phone call with the EarlySpace team to share your vision and learn about our services and process.
  2. Next we’ll send you a comprehensive questionnaire that will help focus your thoughts and insure that no detail is forgotten.
  3. After that, your next step is to schedule a site visit with the designer to walk the property, discuss the possibilities and understand and plan the next steps.


If you decide to go forward, your full design package will include:

  • A site analysis by the designer to measure, photograph and deeply understand your site
  • Colorful preliminary designs that offers options for the arrangement of your space
  • A master plan where your favorite elements from each preliminary design are combined to create a space you and your family will love.
  • Design details for your natural play elements.
  • Planting plans focusing on child-friendly native plants and edibles


If you choose to work with our authorized installer, Earlyspace will be there throughout the construction process to be sure the end result is one you’ll be thrilled with.

Attention Afterward:

We will also provide a customized maintenance plan and if you request it, seasonal visits by the crew to care for your landscape.

One day I came across the card of Nancy Striniste that I had collected on a garden tour in Arlington, Virgina. I remembered her yard and talking to her about the things she had – native plantings, rain gardens, a green porch roof, a vegetable garden. So first I looked up her company on the internet and liked what I read and saw. I loved what she was doing with schools and children. So I called her and she came by. It started something wonderful. Nancy is a joy to work with because she is experienced, knowledgeable and professional; and, yet she feels like a friend.

Mary Noll, Homeowner

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