Sustainable Curb Appeal




This client’s goals were to capture the stormwater that was running into the street and down the drains, to add curb appeal and to transform a yard dominated by lawn into a sustainable outdoor living space.

The new driveway, complete with leaf prints in concrete, captures water through the center grassy strip and directs it to front and back raingardens. Water from downspouts is collected in an underground tank where it is available for irrigation and also pumped through the stream.

A new porch on the shed, a patio and a new hot tub deck provide seating and gathering spaces overlooking the stream and gardens. The property is now home to over 300 mostly native plants that produce edibles, attract birds and pollinators, and provide 4 seasons of beauty.

We could have spent about the same amount to add just one room onto our house, instead our whole property was transformed. We have a wonderful outdoor living space with beauty everywhere I look. I never want to go inside!

Debra Edmonds


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