Outdoor Learning During COVID

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As America searches for an answer to the dilemma of how to safely reopen schools, relieve parents of homeschooling and childcare responsibilities, and reconnect lonely children with their friends, teachers, and in-person academics, the National COVID-19 Outdoor Learning Initiative offers a solution—outdoor  learning—where fresh air and easier physical distancing makes virus transmission 20x less likely than indoors, where children have more equitable access to learning, and where nature will help to heal the trauma many children have experienced during this crisis.  Read some news articles on the initiative here.

With three decades of experience designing outdoor spaces for children, Nancy Striniste, founder of EarlySpace, has had a leading role in the National COVID-19 Outdoor Learning Initiative. Since May of 2020, Nancy has been working alongside colleagues and experts from across the country and around the world who are  donating their expertise in this unprecedented emergency to develop a massive online resource guide that will help schools create safe reopening plans using outdoor spaces. Nancy has shared her expertise in designing outdoor spaces for children and has been part of the team leading more than 300 volunteer designers, planners, and educators in the Outdoor Learning Infrastructure Working Group. 

For schools who want to move to outdoor learning but do not have the in-house capacity or expertise to work out the details and implement outdoor learning spaces, EarlySpace is here.  With a deep understanding of outdoor learning  and of the special health, safety, weather, infrastructure, and wellbeing issues to consider during COVID-19, EarlySpace and our partner contractors can take schools from concept to installation  of emergency and long-term outdoor learning spaces.  To get started, contact us to schedule a call. 

Building upon the resources and services of the National COVID-19 Outdoor Learning Initiative, and based upon decades of experience designing outdoor spaces for children, EarlySpace provides:

  • Comprehensive designs for both short- and long-term outdoor learning and nature play spaces
  • Furnishings and specifications for purchases and custom-made elements
  • Quick set-up of outdoor spaces in the mid-Atlantic with our authorized contractors

Contact us if you’re looking for expert assistance in any step of the process of developing and implementing your outdoor learning plan.

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