Making it Happen

Planting Plan

A deep understanding of our Chesapeake Bay watershed and the native plants that thrive here informs every project. In the next phases we create your planting plan, specify materials (healthy, locally produced and sustainable are our priorities) and clarify the details of how your space will be built.

Construction Documents

We work with you to understand and meet the requirements of your school system, jurisdiction and local regulators. We offer a streamlined process for producing the documents you need for permitting, price quotes and construction.

The Team

We can call on a diverse, dedicated and dazzlingly talented team of contractors, artists, natural builders, engineers, architects, graphic designers, educators and fundraisers to meet your unique needs. Here mosaic artist Suzy Scollon works with volunteers to embellish a glittering 50 foot play stream.

Getting it Built: Contractor

Earlyspace partners with J&G Landscaping to offer you skilled and high quality installation services. Jeff Potter, founder of J&G, shares Earlyspace’s commitment to using green and sustainable materials and practices.

Getting it Built: Community

Nancy and team have organized and led community built projects large and small; from natural building to planting days to community art, we love to get out there with you and get our hands in the dirt and our toes in the mud! Earlyspace is a member of the Community Built Association.

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