Color and Comfort




The goal of this project was to take a neglected but beloved landscape and make it fresh and new. The owner wanted boisterous long-lasting color and an easy-care, dog-friendly design that retained the whimsy of her original 10-year-old plan.

She wanted curb appeal for the front, beauty and livability for the back, and low maintenance native plants added everywhere. Along with a new landscape came a whole new look for the exterior of the house with a glass-enclosed balcony, shady pergola with a porch swing, and bright new paint colors.

Over the time I worked with Nancy, she was always accessible and easy to talk to. It felt like a partnership as we tweaked and revised and came up with great results. I can’t say enough good things about Nancy. I look forward to her continuing to ‘review and renew’ my yard periodically in the years ahead.

Ann Kurzius


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