Featured Projects

Constitution Gardens
April 26, 2016
The design of Constitution Gardens celebrates the past, present and future of the Gaithersburg community by weaving together threads of sustainability with elements inspired by the cultural and natural history of the area. ...more
Drew Model School
February 05, 2016
EarlySpace designed a courtyard to support all facets of literacy learning in a lush, rich and complex natural setting. There are areas for small and large group gatherings as well as intimate spaces for individual reading and quiet activity. Located outside the school library, the space surrounds children with nature in a whimsical, inspiring, print-rich environment. ...more
Montessori Outside
January 23, 2016
Earlyspace worked with teachers and administrators, engineers, and local officials to create a whimsical natural playspace design that met the regulatory requirements for this environmentally sensitive space, while offering a range of opportunities to move, explore, play and learn. ...more
Natural Play Space Connects Children to Nature
January 22, 2016
EarlySpace and this parent co-op preschool joined with Arlington County’s Department of Environmental Services to offer a series of green building classes that taught participants natural building techniques and provided labor for a community built playspace. ...more
Hillside PlaySpace
January 22, 2016
EarlySpace worked with Lowell school to transform their hillside into an inviting space for preschoolers to play. There were two main areas-- the steep hillside, and the flat space at the top of the hill. On the hill, children can slide down on two different slides, descend on a fallen tree, and climb up or down on a stump scramble, a boulder climb or use an alternating-leg-staircase ...more
Wetlands Learning Lab
January 22, 2016
EarlySpace worked with Campbell Elementary School to transform a muddy space along the edge of the playground into a Wetlands Learning Lab. Building the Wetlands Learning Lab brought together Campbell families & teachers; Arlington County School staff, scouts, Green Earthy Landscaping and more--to build an outdoor learning space that is good for children, and good for the earth. ...more
Sustainability at the Front Door
December 06, 2015
Students and teachers from the Washington-Lee High School IB Environmental Systems classes put what they had studied in the classroom into action in this hands-on project to manage stormwater and reduce erosion at the front of the school. ...more
Sustainable Curb Appeal
December 06, 2015
This client’s goals were to capture the stormwater that was running into the street and down the drains, to add curb appeal and to transform a yard dominated by lawn into a sustainable outdoor living space. ...more
Living Roof and Pond
December 06, 2015
This is the home and test garden of sustainable landscape designer Nancy Striniste and family. The garden is where clients visit to see many of the sustainable landscape ideas and native plants in Nancy’s designs. Along the front walk, a drystack stone wall overflows with perennials, herbs and cascading succulents. ...more
Color and Comfort
January 22, 2016
The goal of this project was to take a neglected but beloved landscape and make it fresh and new. The owner wanted boisterous long-lasting color and an easy-care, dog-friendly design that retained the whimsy of her original 10-year-old plan. ...more