For Homeowners

Do you dream of a landscape that will bring you joy every time you glance out the window or step out the door?  We listen to your dreams, concerns and vision, and then create a design that you’ll love: a beautiful, sustainable, outdoor space that will make you and your family happier, healthier and proud that you’re helping to take care of the planet.  A commitment to the environment and a deep understanding of our Chesapeake Bay watershed and the native plants that thrive here inform every project.

Here’s how it works... begin with our special Laying the Groundwork Package.

Here’s what you’ll get
1.    A get acquainted phone call with the designer
2.    A comprehensive questionnaire that will help focus your thoughts and insure that no detail is forgotten
3.    Access to our extensive and inspiring library of landscape books to peruse at your leisure
4.    A visit by the designer when you will walk your property together, discuss the possibilities and understand and plan the next steps

Your next steps may include our Sustainable Homes Package
1.    A site analysis to measure, photograph and really understand your site
2.    A guided tour of a completed Earlyspace landscape to see how our designs look in their finished state
3.    Colorful preliminary designs that offer at least two options for the arrangement of your space
4.    A final plan where the best of each preliminary design is combined to create a space you and your family will love
5.    Planting plans focusing on native plants, edibles and select non-native ornamentals chosen for outstanding fragrance or beauty

If you choose to work with our authorized installer, Green Earth Landscaping, Earlyspace will be there throughout the construction process to be sure the end result is one you’ll be thrilled with.

Attention afterwards
When we’re done, we aren’t done.  We’ll be back to follow up, check on your landscape and provide seasonal tips for caring for your plants.  If you request it we will also provide a customized maintenance plan and/or seasonal visits by the crew to care for your landscape.